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Pre-Weight Loss Photos

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"Early Days"
College - Freshman Year
I had some weight loss in the months before this photo was taken, but I see judging from my arms alone that it rebounded quickly.
By my sophomore year in college, I was starting to take classes in my major and minor. I knew I was probably bigger than most girls (about a size 20 here), but I don't think I weighed myself in school. Looking back, it might have been a good idea.
By my senior year in college I had gone up two more sizes. I did try to work in some exercise -- I took an aerobics class every Tuesday afternoon, LOL. Despite the smile on my face, it was an extremely stressful semester and year.
I went on my honeymoon weighing about 317 -- I started Curves a few months before at 310 and gained 7 lbs. my first month. At the time, losing weight wasn't much of a priority. I look back at some of the photos now and I thought about how uncomfortable I had to have been.
After dodging Curves for months, I decided to go back at the end of June 2004. About a month before this, I had gone to The Avenue to buy two pairs of size 30W jeans. I took them home without trying them on, and one of them did not fit! I weighed in that day at 320 lbs. I had finally hit rock bottom. The red T-shirt I am wearing was a 5X. I prepaid the next year's membership dues soon after. Although I was pretty determined then, several incidents occurred over the summer which strengthened my resolve.

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