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Goal Posters

For each of my rewards, I found a photo of something I wanted to treat myself with, placed it on my fridge, and updated the poster after every weigh-in (I tracked only the losses, so there were times I didn't touch the poster for several weeks). When I got within 10 lbs. of the goal I changed the color from black ink to red.

It didn't occur to me to create a poster from the very beginning -- I did create one for my 50-lb. reward, but I foolishly discarded it after achieving the goal and ordering my reward.


Start weight -- 320 (BMI 53.3) (June 27, 2004)
25 pounds lost (295) (BMI 49.1) -- Night of Dancing (achieved 6/6/05)

50 pounds lost (270) (BMI 44.8) -- Sex & the City Season 6 DVDs (achieved 1/2/06 -- note, BMI is for 269)

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75 pounds lost (245) (BMI 40.6) -- Sexy dress or outfit (achieved 5/21/06 -- BMI is for 244)

100 pounds lost (220) (BMI 36.6) -- Professional Glamour Photos (achieved 9/17/06)
125 pounds lost (195) (BMI 32.4) -- Diamond Earrings (1/2 carat minimum!) (achieved 01/07/07)
150 pounds lost (170) (BMI 28.2) -- Day/road trip (achieved 07/01/07 -- unofficial WI of 169.4)
Final Poster (GOAL -- 145-155. I made goal at 148.8. As of July 2008 I have not bought the bag, but I will soon!)

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